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Your guide to Transport at AG

Amongst all the excitement and activities, getting to and from everything is a huge task and there are multiple times throughout the weekend you'll be seeing our transport team. Here is our guide to all the different things regarding transport you'll need to know.

Getting to and from AG

A huge part of transport is managed by you and your group. Getting to and from the event will be organised with your unit but there are multiple options which you can choose to take.

Taking the train

We provide a pick-up/drop-off service from the Warragul Train Station on Friday night & Sunday afternoon. This means that you can catch the train to Warragul and be met by our team to take you the final stretch of the way.


If you are going to travel by train, you need to select the train pickup and/or drop off service through the online signup.

Taking the car

Transport during the weekend

If you've booked an offsite activity then you'll need to visit our transport team at the Transport tent when its your turn to go offsite. The time your activity departs is on the back of your ID tag and we ask that you arrive 15 minutes beforehand so we can make sure we have everyone before we set off.

If you have any questions about offsites throughout the weekend, feel free to come into the Admin building and ask our team (we don't bite).

Closing Parade (leaving Sunday)

After a long weekend, we all want to get home to a comfy bed and warm shower, but that doesn't mean skipping Closing Ceremony. All units are required to attend as there is important information we need to give you before you set off for home.

If your unit has a long way to travel and would like to leave early, then this MUST be approved by the Camp Director and you should contact the admin team now at

We can't wait to see you all this weekend, remember to travel safe and reach out if you ever need assistance from out team.

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