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URGENT: Update to Offsite Activity Times

Our system has had a little bit of a glitch and we've had to update some of our session start times. If you are setting off on Tanks, Gumbuya World or 4X4 Adventure then please visit admin from 7am onwards on Saturday.

If your activity is not listed below, please follow what is on the back of your ID tag.

Updated activity times


Session 1: 9:30am

Session 2: 11:30am

Don't know your session? Come see admin!

Gumbuya World

Session 1: 9:45am

Session 2: 12:45pm

Don't know your session? Come see admin!

4X4 Adventure

Session 1: 8:15am

Session 2: 9:30am

Session 3: 10:30am

Session 4: 11:30am

Session 5: 1pm

Session 6: 2pm

Session 7: 3pm

Don't know your session? Come see admin!

Thank you for your patience and understanding of these changes, we are also working hard to get any lanyards which have not been handed out yet, if you don't have one yet and need to go offsite for an activity, please arrive early as we must do this manually.

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