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No matter if you're a Venturer, Linking Scout, Interstate participant, Parent, Leader or Rover, this page will have all the key info you need before you set off for AG.

Click on the tab relevant to you below to access the info you need.

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Venturers, before you set off on your weekend adventure there are a few things you must remember.

What to pack:

AG is like many other weekend camps and requires you to bring changes of clothes, tents and group gear for cooking. Many activities require some clothes for wearing in water, so make sure you pack what you need.

AG has a strict code of conduct for the event which covers everything from behaviors we would like to see to ones which we need to report. Undertaking any activities under category 4 will have you being sent home immediately.  We will be conducting bag searches when you arrive on Friday and you can access the code of conduct here.

The Festival:

AG is having a festival this year and the theme is "Beach". Chuck on your best summer attire, get the plam tree vibes ready and always ensure your costumes are inline with the event code of conduct.

Jelly Wrestling:

Before you can battle it out with your friends in the jelly ring, you must first see the rules and ensure that you comply. Failing to do so can have you removed from the activity and face repercussions. Download rules.


Not sure which activities you booked? Head on over to your application and check under the activities tab to see. Alternatively you can look on the back of your ID tag while onsite. 

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